Online Instruction with Vince Corozine


Online instruction by Vince Corozine (B.S., M.A., P.D.)

  • You can learn to write music like the pros
  • You can take courses that are helping musicians learn to arrange music and compose
  • You can understand how music works
  • Study with a professional

Be a Success in the Music Business! Look no further. Here are 12 online music courses you have been looking for. These challenging online courses are suitable for the novice musician to the serious student at the professional level.

Your personal instructor is the conductor of the 2000 International Festival of the Arts in Kunming, China. Vince is not only a conductor but he is an accomplished music professor, composer and arranger. You will have direct online contact with Vince as you progress throughout your course work. Facilitate your career development by using his expertise and constructive comments.

Each 10-lesson course builds upon the mastery of the previous. However, it is up to you to select the best course based upon your personal assessment of your skills and interests.

Study with a top professional!

Fee Structure

Payment through PayPal. Fee is $100.00 per lesson - total of $1000.00 for each 10-lesson course. If you pay in full, you receive $50.00 off the total. $950.00 for each 10-lesson course.

Each course consists of ten lessons.

Lessons will be available via email. All music submissions will be carefully critiqued and returned in the shortest possible time. Lessons will be tailored to meet the needs and musical background of each individual.

All questions are answered within a short period (usually within two days); worksheets are given for each lesson along with frequent review assignments.

Your writing examples will be corrected online for your study and review, and suggestions will be made for improvement. If you have either Sibelius or Finale music software programs, this will enable you to listen to the corrected examples, thus assisting you in the learning process.

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